Strange Cargo

Off this damn rock!

Our heroes have just finished a long day of work, with this month’s pay burning holes in their pockets. They settle down in the station’s cantaina enjoying the finally delievered booze and a few games of sabbac. An intense game of sabbac has emptied the credits of the transport Captain Tieko. A rodian spacer who’s a horrible player. Desperate to win back his credits Tieko throws down his marker for is ship, the Bad Kitty. An all or nothing gamble Longshot, Murr, Tursk, and Garret buy in. Murr throws down the winning hand and the jubilent new crew of the Bad Kitty races to port 3 to inspect their new boat. Garret performs his maintainence inspections, while she ain’t pretty or the best of shape, she’ll fly. With a new boat, and enough credits to get off this rock, they race to gather their belongings and dust off.
Rushing through the cantina they are met by the former crew of Bad Kitty. Tieko bellies up to Murr and demands his ship back. Cocking his fist back the rodian is flown across the table crashing into his crew with an open palm strike by Murr. Tursk fires up his lightsaber and postions himself over Tieko, as Garret readies his BAW (big ass wrench) The former crew scrambles away as the workers of Wiker look in terrified horror at Tursk. If there was a time to leave now was it!
Hastily running to port 3, a zabrak and a human beg the party to take them with. The crew complies, for a nominal fee of course.
A short mini jump later, the crew decides to find a little more about their passengers. The Zabrak, Zaboo, an archeoligist was passenger with the former crew bound for Kursma. The human Malik, a station worker escaping a debt. Tursk senses deceit from Malik. Quickly finding him to be a cyborg bounty hunter with a small blaster mounted in his hand. Tursk quickly removes his head, as they eye Zaboo who’s screaming “They found me!”
While Zaboo was truthful about his mission. Its his cargo that is valuable. An ancient datacron over 3000 years old, shows the location of a rich durasteel vein on Tatooine. A valuable piece of knowledge to any mining operation. Zaboo is delievering the datacron to Aristo Calin, a noble on Kursma.
Making a quick jump to more traveled hyperspace lanes they dock at Waystation Coleman, a popular pit stop for transport pilots and smugglers. Apon docking they are met by Teemo, a human who owns the stations cantina is surprised to see the Bad Kitty has changed owners from his friend Tieko. Tursk and Longshot head to the CommStation to contact Aristo. Aristo is unconcerned with the fate of Zaboo and only wants his package. Offering the party Zaboo’s contract of 40,000 credits. Wanting more information and perhaps some cargo, Tursk and Longshot head to the cantina to talk with Teemo. Once entering Tursk catches Teemo motioning to two hooded figures in a back booth. Wanting to return to Bad Kitty they leave, noticing the figures following them. One of them breaking off to the CommStation, they spot the other talking on a comm link while Bad Kitty preps for take-off. Fearing company they make a short mini-jump.
Deciding to keep Zaboo around they will deliver the package to Kursma for 80% of the contract. Plugging in the route in the Navicom they make their first jump. Pulling out of hyperspace the hyperdrive takes a dump. Garrett rushing to figure out the cause, two Z-95 headhunter fighters come on the scopes demanding Bad Kitty to power down and prepare to be boarded. Murr tucks his tail between his legs and complies. The two bounty hunters attach an exposive inside the airlock before jumping into the cargo hold wearing their armored EVO suits, demanding the package or face being sucked into the Black. Not wanting to give up such a lucrative payoff the party stalls. The gamble works, the timid Zaboo was able to sneak into the flight station and power up the shields. The bounty hunters were no match for our heroes.


The game was great. when are we going to play again?

Off this damn rock!