Strange Cargo

Our heroes.

Two years after the decietful Jedi tried to murder our beloved Emperor, we find our heroes out in the middle of Wild Space in Sector 234D, also known as Wiker. Both named after Repulic Wild Space Fleet Task Force 234D, commanded by Admiral Wiker. The site of a brutal battle between Republic and Seperatist fleets. Now the location of a private salvage operation. We meet:
CC-429 AKA Longshot: A deserter ARC clone soldier, a member of the infamous 501st Legion. Fed up with how his brothers were treated the disgruntled soldier march on. Until the assualt on the Jedi Temple. Under orders, he and his brother slaughtered the remaining Jedi in the temple, including the younglings. After the battle Longshot went UA and hopped the next frieght out of Corusaunt. Now a laborer, operating a plasma cutter in the scrap yard.

Murrkisk: A force adept Cathar, was a militia pilot on his homeworld when the Seperatists brought the war home. Murrkisk lost everything during that bitter battle. His kin was scattered, unknown whether they were alive or dead, his home, his items. Gone. The last straw fell during the military occupation, unable to cope with his loss nor the laws set down by the Seperatists. Murrkisk gave the rest of his credits to be smuggled offworld. Now a transport pilot, ferrying workers from the station to the scrap yards.

Tai-Zek-Darr and Tursk Morgak: Cerean and Trandoshan Jedi Padwans, were out on a mission investigating a Seperatist smuggling ring on Ord Mantell when Order 66 was executed. Thankfully they were able to recieve a coded message from Jedi Master Yoda to stay away from the Temple and to go into hiding. Away they went, out into the Wild Space, far from the reach of the Empire and the Emperor. Now as general laborers on Wiker.

Garrets Character: A Ceran slicer who’s life has remained on the edge of the Black. A lone spacer, were the dust never settles on his bags. Constantly moving from place to place. A slice job gone bad on Coachelle Prime, he was able to escape authorities hiding out in Wiker until the heat cooled. Now a techician tasked with trying to salvage working systems within the hulks of the cruisers.